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Charles Wingo Signs is the premier sign company in Central Florida

When Charles Wingo established his sign company in 1969, he made it his life’s mission to manufacture quality signs that provide maximum visibility and stand the test of time. Your business signage communicates an important message to your target audience and needs to be inviting and informative.

Today Wingo Signs remains a family run company using state-of-the-art CNC technology to manufacture, permit and erect distinctive business signs in Orlando and all of Central Florida. Wingo Signs are built the “Wingo way”, which means they are durable and look “brand new” for much longer than ordinary signs.

If your business requires a channel letter, neon, electrical, ground monument or electronic messaging sign, there is no smarter choice in Central Florida than Charles Wingo signs. Let Wingo Signs communicate your unique message and drive traffic to you business.


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Charles Wingo Signs offers 24/7 repair and sales of new business signs. Have a sign that needs refurbishment? Call Wingo! Have a unique design you want to

display as your brand? Call Wingo! Licensed and insured, Charles Wingo Signs is the right choice!