Types of Signs

Wingo Signs specializes in the manufacturing and installation of many types of signs.  Looking for a custom sign? Just ask!

Channel letter signs

corona-sign Channel letter signs are the most popular signage choice for most businesses. Each letter is a separate structure which is illuminated and built with lightweight and durable materials. Channel letter signs built the “Wingo way” look brand new much longer than the ordinary signs.

Ground monument signs

kaman Your building or ground monument sign does more than announce your location but conveys a strong message about your company’s image and values. Your brand is an important company asset and needs to be distinctive and informational to visitors and clients.

Neon signs


Neon signs revolutionized outdoor signage because of high visibility. Neon signs are part of the iconic landscape and invoke emotion and draw attention. What would be Las Vegas without neon? let Charles Wingo Signs bring your custom ideas to life with a neon sign that gets noticed!

Electronic messaging

electronic-messaging Electronic messaging sign display a dynamic message that provides information about your business to passing traffic. Excellent for promoting events, pricing specials or new products, electronic messaging signs have been shown to increase traffic by up to 40%


led LED signs use light emitting diodes to efficiently convert electricity to light. Highly visible and long lasting when properly constructed, LED signs are an intelligent sign choice for many businesses. Let Wingo Signs build you a highly efficient LED that sends a strong message.

Computer graphics

computer-graphics Charles Wingo Signs uses the latest computer graphics technology to design and manufacture distinctive business signage that draws traffic. Have an idea? Bring it to us and we can show you just how your idea can be built as a brand new Wingo Sign!